Men’s Dancewear

Many beginner male dancers struggle with what to wear to practice and competition. There are so many styles and varieties of shirts, pants, and even shoes. Lucky for you, we’re here to help.

We briefly covered what to wear for competition here, so in this article we’ll focus on practicewear.

The most important thing for practicewear is that it is comfortable and allows you to easily move, stretch, and contract. You will need to able to stretch your arms in all directions, as well as bend the knees and hips to their fullest rotations. For this reason, dancewear is made of a flexible and stretchy material.


Je_Dor_Basic_Latin_Pants_B3564A-acPants should be tight fitted around the hip area and flare towards the bottom. Make sure that the pants are comfortably fitted in the hip and behind area. This is the most important part. You certainly don’t want to have saggy pants while you shake your hips! The pants will flare at the bottom; ballroom pants will have a larger flare than latin pants to better show fluidity and leg lines.

When you initially purchase practice pants, you may find that they are too long. That’s fine – many companies intentionally do this to allow the customer to hem the pants depending on the length of their legs.


DSI_1041_Collection_Tail_Suit-bThere are a variety of shirts available for both ballroom and Latin styles, and your choice of shirt largely depends on your personal preference for style.  Of course, ballroom and Latin shirts differ from each other in that the Latin style calls for lower necklines and flashier patterns, whereas the ballroom style has a much more elegant and smoother look.

If you are looking to buy a shirt or suit jacket (especially for the ballroom styles) and you have the opportunity to try it on, don’t forget to see how the shirt feels to lift your arms up in dance position. This is the most common mistake beginners make! When dancing, your arms will very rarely be down by your sides, so make sure to fit the shirt while in dance position. Make sure you can move, stretch, and twist in the jacket and shirt before you buy it.

Overall, the most important thing to remember when buying dancewear is that you feel comfortable and confident. If you feel good in your clothes, it will be easy to see that through your dancing. On the other hand, if you feel constricted or uncomfortable in your clothing, your face, emotions, and ultimately your dancing, will reflect that. So take some time to find pants, shirts, and jackets that fit your body as well as your personality.