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What is practicewear?
Practicewear is clothing that you wear while you’re practicing or training. In other words, it’s clothing specifically designed for dancers to be comfortable moving in. You can wear it to class, out social dancing, or even for performances. It can also be worn as a beginner costume for competitions. Generally, beginners are not allowed to wear “costumes” (clothing that has been rhinestoned or specifically designed for competition), but you could wear practice clothing for your first time on the floor.

Do I need practicewear?
In short, yes. Practicewear will help you get a feel for how your clothing affects your dancing. You can use it to style your arms, to accentuate your hips, or to help you get into character. In this respect, it is a good idea to get practicewear that is similar to your competition costume. This will help you get a better idea of how it will move on the floor and ways you can use it to enhance your dancing.

Why is it so expensive?
Unfortunately, practicewear can be expensive. Why? Because the material is extremely durable. Think about it – your dancewear should be able to stretch, scrunch, be shoved in the bottom of your dance bag, be sweat in, and washed. All on a regular basis. Practicewear is made out of expensive, but durable, material that will last with you for many years. If you’re really interested in continuing to dance, this is a worthwhile investment.

What size is right for me?
Finding the right size can be difficult for you, especially if you’re ordering dancewear online. Luckily, a lot of practicewear is made out of stretchy spandex material, so the sizes can be somewhat flexible. If you are looking for larger clothing – never fear! Many companies also provide plus-sized clothing for dancers. Also, make sure to check around the website for sizing charts or specific measurements for the clothes you want to buy. At Danceshopper.com, we provide the following sizing chart for our clothes.

Where can I buy it?
Danceshopper.com has many brands in one place. You can find all the popular brands from Chrisanne, Santoria, LuLuCouture, to Je’Dor, and many many more. And if you bought the wrong size, don’t worry! Our return policy is extremely generous. We’ll exchange it for you, no questions asked.